Advantages of Online Mobile Recharging over Offline Methods

by | May 18, 2016 | Communications

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Pay-as-you-go or prepaid mobile phones were launched in the 1990’s to provide people with the convenience of paying telephone charges as per their usage and budget constraints. Recharging prepaid connections at outlets or recharge centers was termed as offline recharging.

To continue using the mobile services, people need to keep charging their prepaid accounts each time they run out of balance. In a technologically advanced world today, the changing needs of people have led to impressive innovation. Factors like busy work schedules, travelling, constant need for communication and networking, have given a substantial push to the development of Online Mobile Recharging which has become a norm of mobile communication, especially in a country like India that stands second largest in the usage of mobile phone.

Online Mobile Recharging is basically recharging your phone through the internet without having to go through the hassles of offline recharging. In the process, we connect to an online mobile recharge service provider who offers this facility in exchange for online payment. Earlier an important call would suddenly get interrupted due to lack of balance. However, now the same can be handled in a much easier and time-effective way.

In a situation where you need to be interactive for a longer time, close a crucial deal, make a valuable proposition, pass an urgent message, convey an urgent presentation, or absolutely anything else, it is essential to have your prepaid mobile phone loaded with talk-time. This issue is difficult to address through offline recharging. On the other hand, online recharging is far better and handy. Let’s see the key factors determining points of difference between the methods of recharging.


Recharge outlets or mobile top-up stores are open during a fixed number of hours in the day. This makes offline recharging impossible during night hours or even weekends in some cases. Online Recharging is a 24x7x365 facility that can be done from any place. Paper Recharge coupons can also go out of stock whereas online there is no such limitation.


Over the counter recharging is a lengthy task where the user needs to wait for a long time and even stand in queues to purchase a mobile recharge. Online Recharging is instant, and with the advent of e-wallets, it is even quicker than one can think of. A user can simply log on to an online recharge portal and with a few clicks get his recharge done. A lot of time can thus be saved.


While making payment at a recharge outlet, the user needs to ensure about paying in cash as not all recharge vendors accept card payments. Online recharging offers the user with multiple e-money payment facilities including Debit card/Cash card/Credit card/Net Banking, etc.

Network Operator Access:

Many of the recharge vendors do not offer recharge coupons of all mobile network service providers. Recharges for all network operators are available online. Online recharge facilities offer you recharge options of all the network operators.

Discounts and Offers:

While recharging offline, the user may not be given complete information about the latest plans, discounts, offers and benefits. This puts the customer into a very disadvantageous situation. However, while going for an online recharge, the user can check out all the plans and discounted offers that are available. They can also compare and check recharge plans online very comfortably and faster.


A prepaid mobile user will have to first do a search for a retail outlet in his vicinity where mobile recharging is done and then travel to that point in order to get a recharge done. Online mobile recharging is done from exactly where you are. Through a mobile device you can connect to an online mobile recharging website and that’s how one goes about it.

Despite the advantages of online recharging, some users prefer sticking to outdated offline recharging methods due to lack of trust and fear of risk. However, online mobile recharging is a secured process if managed carefully. Gradually this segment of users are also falling out of their belief system and accepting online recharging as a standard practice for mobile communication.

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