We can get your Package to its Destination Fast at an Affordable Rate

Air Freight Shipping

The moving of your parcel from one location to another no longer has to include concerns or worrying about if it will arrive on time or intact. The Air freight shipping service by FastWay is known for its reliability in these matters.

Why Trust Us with your Air Fright Needs

Our services have been in business for many years with thousands of satisfied customers. To help prove our quality of service, the entire bushiness was ISO 9001 certified back in 2008. Our service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week every day of the year. We also work with the most reliable couriers in the world including UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT when it can speed up the delivery of your package.

What you can Ship by Air Freight

You can ship nearly anything you want just as long as you are the legal owner of it and it is legal to cross international borders. There are no size or weight restrictions other than those of the aircraft to be used as the transporting vehicle. This includes boats, cars along with personal and household items you desire to be delivered as quickly as possible.

How you can Track your Package once it is in our Hands

To help you know exactly where your package is at all times we utilize the latest tracking procedures and software within our systems. This makes it possible to go online at any time and know the exact location of your package. With this system it possible to know of any possible delay if it occurs almost instantly due to extreme conditions like snowstorms or typhoons in the delivery area.

We Handle all of the Paperwork

When it comes to custom clearances, transportation invoices along with import and export document we handle them as part of our services. Our customers are only asked to fill out one shipping involve and we handle the rest.

When you utilize the FastWay air freight shipping service, your cargo will be delivered on time, intact to any location in the world no matter what it is. You will also just know where it is at all times. All of this at the most affordable price in the shipping industry.

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