Spectacle Removal Surgery Is Offered in India

Ophthalmic advances have made it possible for surgeons in India to improve people’s sight by using a variety of upgraded innovations. For example, spectacle removal surgery or refractive surgery makes it possible for patients to get corrections to their eyesight, and not depend on glasses for seeing near or far away.

Types of Corrective Surgery

Until the time contact lenses became popular in the 50s, eyeglasses were the only way to correct any refractive-type vision issues. Currently, however, several approaches to corrective eye surgery are offered. They range from reshaping the eye’s surface with LASIK or PRK treatment to inserting artificial lenses to correct the eyesight.

When LASIK or PRK therapy is initiated, laser energy is utilized to re-form the curvature of the eye’s cornea and change the way light enters the eye. The insertion of artificial lenses by surgical means also refocuses light rays in order to sharpen the vision.

The PRK process (also called photorefractive keratectomy) was the first successful technique that used a laser to get rid of tissue and alter the curvature of the cornea. Also referred to as surface ablation, PRK still is used today, but LASIK is a more popular option. Health care facilities the world over practice PRK and LASIK surgeries. PRK is still recommended, as it is safer for patients whose corneas are too thin for a LASIK procedure.

ASG Eye Hospitals are a chain of super-specialty eye hospitals serving 15 cities with 19 operational specialty eye hospitals.  If you need specialized optical care, hospital chains such as ASG provide world-class surgeons with vast surgical experience and expertise.

The main benefit that LASIK laser surgery has over PRK is that there is little discomfort experienced right after the treatment. Usually, the patient’s vision is clear within a mere few hours as well. When PRK is performed, however, it can take days for the vision to clear. Different forms of LASIK treatment exist. So, if you are interested in spectacle removal surgery, you need to discuss which procedure may suit you best.

How the Surgery Is Directed

The whole point of any corrective or refractive surgery is to make it possible for the patient to live life without depending on glasses. In fact, many patients who undergo laser procedures report that they see better than they did before they needed the glasses. This kind of corrective surgery mainly focuses on patients who have hyperopia (problems seeing up close) or suffer from myopia (problems seeing in the distance). If you are between the ages of 40 and 64, you may be presbyopic. Presbyopia is a normal loss of focus that is related to age. It happens to just about everyone and will occur if you have LASIK surgery or not.

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