Statement Necklace: The Perfect Accessory But How To Wear It?

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Almost every woman loves necklaces because they can add style, class, color, intrigue and anything else with little extra effort on their part. A statement necklace is becoming the new trend for many women because it is bold and impressive. However, most women wonder how to wear it and pull it off. If you’ve recently found one that you love and are waiting to buy it until you figure out how to wear it, a few tips can help.


It’s important to understand that these necklaces are meant to be bold and make a stand. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t overdo whatever look you’re going for, you should keep the rest of the ensemble sleek and straightforward. In this case, the neckwear is making the entire outfit, so the rest of the outfit should be simple.

For example, pair a chambray shirt in a single color with neon necklaces. Solid color dresses can be paired with multicolor necklaces while that LBD (Little Black Dress) can get away with almost any bold necklaces. Consider art deco options that will really wow the crowd. Girly dresses or white/off-white dresses can be paired with elegant, bold necklaces.

Three Ways To Wear

If those hints above weren’t enough, there are three popular ways to wear a statement necklace. Choosing a casual tee-shirt and longer necklaces will always be in style. Consider the style of the neckwear, as well as the style of clothing. For example, a white tunic looks excellent with beach-themed necklaces.

You can also consider matching the necklace’s shape with the collar shape. That way, the neck piece will look like it is part of the shirt. Another tip that is similar is to choose a tighter neck piece and place it underneath the collared part of the shirt (buttoned all the way to the top). Then, just a hint of the jewelry is shown, making a peek-a-boo effect.

Quick Tips

For those who can’t wait to try bold pieces, there are a few quick tips that will get you going.

  • Simple is always best for the outfit.
  • Choose neutral tones for wild neck pieces.
  • Neutral makeup is best, so it plays up the neck, but you can try a bold lip color if you think it is appropriate.
  • Don’t wear earrings with bold necklaces, but if you must, choose subtle studs.

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