Top 4 Smartphone Myths Busted!

Beware, not everything you hear about your smartphone device may be necessarily true! Like most of things, mobile phones too come with a fair proportion of myths and rumours that are believed to be true by many. While much of these myths are simply absurd, some of them are no longer applicable, and we thank the advanced technology of today. To make sure that you don’t get swayed by misconceptions, we are going to bust some top smartphone myths that most of you have been hearing.

Myth #1: Your mobile phone battery should be completely out before you charge it again.

Not really! The smartphones that we use today contain Lithium-ion batteries which work better when charged regularly. It was the older versions of mobile phone batteries that needed to be drained out completely before recharging. However, some experts do suggest that you can let your mobile phone batteries drain out once every few months.

Myth #2: Better specifics equals to better performance.

Let’s admit that most of us have, at some time or the other, believed that higher the pixels, better the camera quality of a phone. But the reality is quite the opposite. The same is applicable for the smartphones’ processors. The performance of a device is not really dependent on these specs. It has to do more with the OS of the device and the user’s behaviour.

Myth #3: Phones should be charged using the official chargers that come along.

We don’t deny that it is safer to use chargers that come with the devices, as they are built keeping in mind the required specifications. That being said, it is also true that using third party chargers built by reliable brands will not harm your devices. It is the poorly built, low quality, knock-off chargers that you need to be thrifty about. They could actually blow up your phones!`

Myth #4: You shouldn’t be using your phones while they are charging; it may be dangerous.

It is true that there have been a few incidents where devices used while being charged injured the users. But the reason for such accidents was the faulty charger or batteries used, and not the devices. Using dubious, cheap quality chargers and batteries could very well cause harm to you and your device. As long as you stick to genuine products and reliable brands, all should be fine.

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