3 things Pressto India customers should know about eco-friendly dry cleaning

by | May 29, 2017 | Business

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Most of our friends across Bangalore would already know that Pressto India uses an eco-friendly dry cleaning process. However, there are various customers who question about what it means and how do dry cleaners in Bangalore use green dry cleaning to help the planet. Although, environment and dry cleaning are two broad topics but there is something that our customer should definitely know:

*     What does eco-friendly dry cleaning means: Though not widely understood but it’s not a surprise that our customers are not sure about how it relates to the environment. The short answer is in the traditional process of dry cleaning many harsh chemicals that were determined to be carcinogens were involved. At Pressto India, we have substituted these for other material that provide the same cleaning and freshness to the garments without causing any impact on the environment.

*     There are many different names and distinctions for new dry cleaning materials: At all the laundry stores of Pressto India, we believe in using eco-friendly dry cleaning process. However, you may also hear about organic dry cleaning, green dry cleaning, responsible dry cleaning, and so on. Although there are many minor distinctions from one company to another, it is generally overlapping terms that refer to process that take most dangerous chemicals out of the process and keeps them away from water and air.

*     We don’t pass any extra cost to our dry-cleaning customers: Let’s face this, we want to do the right thing but sometimes it gets costly due the eco-friendly products we use. Unlike any other cleaners, at Pressto India, the best dry cleaners in Bangalore, we don’t add any surcharge or extra fee from our customers to use green products. To make it easy for our customer, we absorb the costs as part of our normal dry cleaning service.

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