Crowdfunding: Branding a Company While Raising Funds for a Good Cause

Today, it is important for a business to increase their visibility online to help people know about their company. While there are various advertising strategies available to brand a company’s name online a unique tactic can improve their chance of being noticed. Crowdfunding websites is an innovative way that will allow a corporation to increase their visibility while giving back to their community. When a company helps raise funds for a good cause, they are noticed by the public as a corporation that cares. Consumers will want to support companies that they know encourage raising funds for various charities.

Benefits of Using a Fundraising Site for A Corporation Fundraiser
People want to help other individuals and special charities, they look for ways to “pay it forward” by contributing money to a good cause. Social media sites are used to share information on the various charities that are active. When a company uses one of the crowdfunding websites, they increase their visibility as the fundraiser is shared across various platforms. This allows the business to gain more funding for their charity by reaching people that are outside of their organization. A corporation can even use the fundraiser as a team building strategy for their employees by having their different departments compete to see who can raise the most money for their charity.

Enhance Your Company’s Social Awareness by Supporting a Charity Today
Ketto is a reliable crowdfunding site that offers corporations a ground-breaking method of increasing their visibility online. A company can request a microsite link for the various fundraising opportunities the organization offers. This link can then be shared by consumers and employees on social media sites to brand their company online. It enables a cooperation to reach an untapped source of people that would like to help them raise funds for the charity the company supports.

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