The Differences in Cargo Shipping Terms

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to ship products from one state to another, or one country to another, or a private citizen needing to move their household goods, the way it usually happens is through cargo shipping.

Basic Terminology

In very basic terms, cargo is pretty much anything that is transported within or on something else and can also be referred to as freight. When it comes to economics, it is deemed to be produce or goods that are conveyed by boat, ship or plane, but also includes items transferred by van, truck, train or an intermodal container. An intermodal container is a standardized shipping container that can be carried by ship, truck or train.

Many Ways Weight is Broken Down

When you ship cargo you will usually get an invoice that breaks down your cargo shipping charges into several categories.

Net Weight: This is the weight of just the cargo by itself. For instance, bananas. The net weight would be only the weight of the bananas, not any boxes or other containers.

Gross Weight: This is the weight of the cargo plus the weight of what the cargo is packaged in, such as cans or drums, plus any other packaging, such any boxes or pallets.

Tare Weight: The Tare weight is just the shipping container by itself.

In many cases, all of these may not be broken down, as the weight of some cargo, such as household goods for someone who is moving, many of the items are packed in small boxes and the weight of the contents are unknown. To check for accuracy, you should be able to add the Gross weight and the Tare weight and arrive at the Gross weight.

Cargo Shipping to/from India

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