4 Reminders for Hitch-free International Delivery of Your Parcels

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Sending deliveries can come with its own set of problems and challenges. If you want to make sure you send that package off with zero issues and hitches, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Timing matters

Money Saving Expert says about 31 percent of people suffered from delivery issues during the Christmas rush. Out of those, 49 percent were the victims of missed deliveries while 45 percent said their deliveries were late or never made it. Don’t want this to happen to you? If you intend to send something, avoid the holiday rush. You have a much better chance of your packages arriving right on the dot.

Choose a good delivery service

International parcel delivery services with a reputation for quality and on time deliveries should be first on your list. Don’t go for any company before you’ve gotten a good look at their credentials and qualifications. Do they have the necessary experience, network and team to get the job done? If you don’t want to worry about lost or damaged deliveries, hiring a reliable service is a must.

Pay attention to reviews

Review sites have made it easy for consumers to look out for other consumers. Go online and google reviews for the company. This can give you great insight into what the company might offer and what the cons are of hiring one over the other. If the company already suffers from a dire reputation, time to switch to another delivery firm to help you out.

Pack it right

Be sure the packaging is compliant with shipping rules. The wrong box could mean your package is going to be resent or delayed, both of which are a waste of time. Do it right from the get-go by doing it yourself or hiring one of the many professional International parcel delivery services out there.

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