Instant Money Transfer To India

In recent years, electronic money transfer has witnessed a rise, of course with the increasing e-commerce opportunities. Banks are now interconnected via a centralized network and all the accounts held and their details are available on a central server. Lot of new services are introduced by banks, which makes the activity of money transfer more convenient for you. Being miles apart from their loved ones, this enables users to instantly transfer funds between accounts.

So what is Instant Money Transfer? Instant Money Transfer is an innovative card-less cash withdrawal service. It is a remittance service that allows you to transfer money to anybody with a mobile phone. The receiver can withdraw money from his/her bank. All the details required for withdrawal of the cash are received on the beneficiary’s mobile phone.

Instant Money Transfer is currently one of the most preferred electronic form of payment used globally. Today most of the advanced countries are using the payment system for multiple banking services. Despite having several corridors of money transfer, Instant Money Transfer makes the method of money transfer more easier. In fact many banks in different countries are now able to offer the Instant Money Service to their customers which has eventually increased the number of customers who want to send money back home in India. This means that more customers can send money from their bank account to the account of the recipient instantly.

Instant money transfer were introduced after digitalization, and as compared to traditional methods like demand drafts, bank transfers, instant transfers are considered to be one of the most fastest and easiest methods of transfers. Instant money transfer, also offers real time transfers and could be done through a mobile phone or a computer, which means The funds can easily be transferred from your mobile phone and internet banking. In the new age scenario the process of instant money transfer also promotes the new era of digital transaction. Certain instant money transfer service also enables you to transfer funds instantly using just the beneficiary’s mobile number.

All transfers happen instantaneously i.e. your money payment instruction reach as the paying agency within seconds and can be collected there and then. As far as the charges are concerned, there is a certain small amount being charged for which you won’t even mind transferring money to India.

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