Crowdfunding for Films

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Business

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Videos, movies and films are among the most popular crowdfunded campaigns that exist today. On certain sites, these projects have reached amounts as high as $203,000,000 and presented an opportunity of many films to gain the needed funding in order to hit the screens. This is a unique route of financing allows actors, producers and film directors to involve the fans in the production of the film. Once a quality crowdfunding source has been identified, a few easy steps is all it takes to take any film to the next level.

The advantage of utilizing crowdfunding for film financing is that there won’t be the need to establish a campaign team because most film projects have a team already established. Almost everyone who has a hand in the film’s production and creation should be involved in the project for crowdfunding. This will be the team that promotes and motivates the campaign at every level. Statistically, crowdfunding campaigns that are managed by two or more people generally raise about 95% more than those run by a single individual. There should be a structured assignment of tasks to each member of the team, however, everyone must hold an equal responsibility of emailing, social networking and broadcasting once the campaign is active.

It is crucial to be especially careful when estimating cost in order to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. Perks are motivators and work wonders when encouraging people to donate to the film fundraiser. Many teams allow fans to acquire digital downloads and offer other rewards such as posters, autographed pictures, t-shirts and more. The best quality campaigns always find a way to get the fans involved in order to increase their likeliness of donating. There are some that even set up Skype sessions with the actors or having characters named after them in the finished film. It is important to coordinate the costs associated with these perks in order to avoid incurring any unexpected costs that make it more difficult to complete the project.

It helps for the campaign team to take a look at the crowdsource for film campaign from a personal perspective. Be especially attentive to the structure of the video and the timing on it as well. Do a bit of research to find out which rewards typically generate the best response and the most effective methods for updating the site and responding to comments. The overall goal is to encourage donations and sell the film.

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